The GeTein Mission: To pursue excellence in what we do and to deliver the best in what we produce.

GeTein BioMedical Inc. is a California incorporated and globally operated in vitro diagnostic company specializing in rapid point-of-care tests, molecular diagnostic kits, diagnostic raw materials, clinical chemistry, and analytical medical devices. Our broad product lines consist of cardiovascular, cancer, liver, renal, inflammatory, and specialty assays among many others. The company sits on a seven acres campus and is equipped with state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities. We have over 900 employees globally and our core values are accountability, commitment, innovation, and teamwork.

Our mission to "pursue excellence and deliver the best to meet healthcare needs” means a commitment to keep patients’ wellbeing in mind. We strive to deliver high-quality, reliable, and affordable rapid point-of-care and diagnostic solutions to professional clinical laboratories, hospitals, and physician offices. Our commitment is backed by our quality first policy, talented team, innovative technology and accountability attitude.

Quality First Policy  

The company has over 130,000 square-feet of R&D and manufacturing facilities that follow GMP standards, and a 60-acre animal breeding base that is in compliance with government regulation. We have obtained ISO13485 quality management system certification and CE certification per European Union standards, and are in process of obtaining FDA clearance in the United States. Our Total Quality Control System ensures that quality touches everything we produce at GeTein.   

Talented Team

GeTein places emphasis on employee talent management and our employees come first. We create a pleasant and worry free working environment with free meals -- breakfast to dinner -- and have mandatory daily exercise programs to keep our employees healthy and energetic. We encourage our employees to maximize their talents in developing innovative technologies, reliable products, and satisfactory services by placing our priority on the well-being of every staff member at GeTein. The company has over 900 experienced employees with more than 50 staff employees holding Ph.Ds or a Master degree in biomedical science and engineering. Our strong and cohesive culture that focuses on the employee first, attracts the most talented employees that in turn enhance the ability of GeTein to achieve our mission.

Innovative Technology

At GeTein, we encourage new and innovative ideas. The company owns 37 independent patents, and has over 100 R&D scientists to focus on new product development in the field of detecting cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, cancer, etc. We identify and deploy leading edge technology to provide a better solution for our customers.

Accountability Attitude

We take pride in what we do at GeTein and guarantee our products are sensitive, easy-to-use, and competitive. Getein also provides dedicated pre- and post-sales service and technical support. We are driven to surpass what has already been achieved for the goals of exceeding customers’ expectation and trust in our products and company.